Thank You Carter J Foundation!


What a great day we had on Friday!! Tri-Cities Insurance Professionals and the Carter J Foundation, donated to our Better Together group and our parent organization, The Arc of Tri-Cities!  We Thank you Gerald Tobias and Dawn King for thinking of us!

We are so honored to be recognized for there work we do. BT is a parent run local autism group. It is a labor of love from all of us parents who volunteer precious (scarce) time, to try to create opportunities for our kids to build their social skills out in the community. That is goal #1 followed closely by our second goal which is family support. We are families helping families. Together we lighten the burden and fear of the unknown journey that we have been placed on. We find comfort in shared experiences, and joy in creating activities that are building blocks for our kids successes. We are thankful for a generous caring community that supports our efforts.

Better Together became part of The Arc of Tri-Cities Parent to Parent program almost 2 years ago! It has been wonderful new chapter in our story. The Arc has allowed us to reach more people, and do what we do with greater ease.  We love our Arc community, and all they do to support all our Special needs families of our area.


pictured above:

Suzy Higley- Founder and Activity Director of Better Together

Melissa Brooks-Parent to Parent Coordinator and Better Together Resources Director

Dawn King and Gerald Tobias- Tri-Cities Insurance Professionals and Carter J Foundation

Judy Westsik -Executive Director of The Arc of Tri-Cities.



Hey There! Ok, I have to apologize for the lack of communication on this website!! GEEZ!

Ok, So We are a parent run group. We created this group when we parents needed more for our kiddos on the spectrum to do. We couldn’t find where we fit in this community and so we took it upon ourselves to fill that void we felt. Together. And that is how we started and where we still are! We are parents making this happen for our kids!

…BUT, we are a bit bigger now, and guess what also happened, our kids grew. So in the last 3 years of running this Autism Social Learning Club, we have made lots of friends, and got much more comfortable in the community doing all our fun things together, and busy running those activities!!!  TIME is hard to find sometimes. But i will do my best to keep this up a bit better.

For Parents of kids on the spectrum, the BEST way to stay in touch with BT and all we do, is to join our Facebook group. We are a private page and a safe place to cheer and vent, and the best place to plan activities.

For our Professionals, we direct you to this website. The reason still stands. The tabs on this website lead you to the most helpful resources that we have spent  A LOT of time planning out! So even though I may not have a lot to say on page one some months, the most important stuff is always on the shelf!! We need more people to look though the Step by Step guide to really see how we cut out so much work, and answered so many questions for our new to the ‘journey’ families. Not just autism either. Many of our families share similar stories without that diagnosis. So please, share this with your clients/patients/friends. And parents, Please, book mark that page! It will help in stage after stage!!  Our Resource Guide is also very up to date and we try our best to get ALL the local resources for our Special Needs Community, in there every year!

Ok, So we have a lot going on this summer. IF you want to make sure you don’t miss a thing, sign up for the Parent to Parent newsletter if you absolutely hate Facebook (some people do!).  BT is part of the P2P program of the Arc now!!! Did you know that?!!! YES! We are officially the Arc now too, for over a year now! So we are easy to find in lots of ways! That newsletter has many our monthly events. The Arc website is a great website! Be sure to take a look. You can sign up for newsletters and just see all the new things going on.

So, that is it for today! Did you hear it’s going to be 107 degrees today???!!! Seriously! (oh, i forgot this isn’t Facebook where i just throw random stuff in. well… now you know!)

Suzy Higley

(If you have any questions or comments or you need to contact me, that red button over there that says Contact —> will get you in touch with me! )